Chaotic Entertainment
Based in The Netherlands

Founding date:
August 1, 2020


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Minigame Madness


Chaotic Entertainment is a Dutch independent video game company founded by two best friends.


Work on Minigame Madness began back in 2015, when Enrico, who was fifteen at the time, came up with the idea for Minigame Madness while being bored of games. He wanted a game that was just fun and didn't have the usual boring parts. After a few months of work on a new project called Minigame Madness, it got put on hold for three years while he had to focus on school.

Enrico's best friend Peter Jan joined the team in 2019 and they founded Chaotic Entertainment. Since then, the two best friends, now dropped out of school, have been working non-stop on this massive MMO party game for the last two and a half years.


Enrico works mostly on the gameplay and art of Minigame Madness. A long-time lover of videogames, who has a burning passion for being creative and making people laugh.

Peter Jan works mostly on the user interface and back-end of Minigame Madness. A programmer and gamer at heart, who finally got the chance to work on a game he loves.

We also have a handful of lovely playtesters.


We make Minigame Madness because it's our dream game. We love games that are just fun and without the boring parts. More and more games these days have repetitive gameplay, boring grindy time-sinks, long loading screens, etc. With Minigame Madness, we want absolutely none of that.

Another reason we're making Minigame Madness is because we're terrible at developing one game at a time, as many developers can relate to. So we decided to make a hundred mini-games instead!

Release Date and Price

We think we're about 70% ready for Early Access release on Steam, but we will never completely be done with the game as this project is our dream project and we would love to be able to keep working on it for as long as possible, even after release.

We hope to Early Access release to Steam Q2 2022 but only time will tell. You can subscribe to our mailing list below or follow us on Twitter at @ChaoticDevs, if you want to be notified when that happens! The price is going to be around $15-$20, depending on the ever-increasing size of the game.



Minigame Madness Alpha Trailer YouTube

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