A frantic online party game with tons of unique minigames and awesome loot!




  • Massive, ever-growing collection of exciting free-for-all minigames!
  • Back-to-back minigames in Arcade, last-man-standing in Royale, and co-op in Teams!
  • First- and third-person gameplay with keyboard and controller support!
  • Character customization with unlockable skins, clothes, accessories and more!
  • Daily challenges, global leaderboards, achievements, ranks and badges!
  • Detailed gameplay statistics to track and compare with friends!
  • Voters decide which minigame gets played before each round starts!
  • Private server hosting with personalized minigame playlists!
  • Creative physics-based player housing with sandbox elements!
  • Frequent updates with new content and features from two devoted devs!



Who made this?

Chaotic Entertainment is a Dutch indie video game company founded by two best friends.

@EnricoUniverse works mostly on the gameplay and art of Minigame Madness. A long-time lover of videogames, who has a burning passion for being creative and making people laugh.

@PeterBlockhead works mostly on the user interface and back-end of Minigame Madness. A programmer and gamer at heart, who finally got the chance to work on a game he loves.

We also have a handful of lovely playtesters.

Why make this?

We make Minigame Madness because it's our dream game.

When done?

We will never be completely done; Minigame Madness is our forever-game, and we would love to be able to keep working on it for as long as possible, even after release.


Ask us about stuff on Twitter @ChaoticDevs, send bad memes and get instant response in our Discord server, or contact us here if you wanna be all serious: [email protected]