A frantic online party game with tons of unique minigames and awesome loot!




Minigame Madness is a frantic multiplayer party game for up to 16 players online. Compete with friends or strangers in a massive, ever-growing collection of fun and unique free-for-all minigames to earn awesome outfits and gadgets!


A massive, ever-growing collection of fun, frantic and unique free-for-all minigames! Knock your friends into the abyss in Surreal Sumo, try not to get hit by the bullets in Blazing Bullets, and don't be the one holding the bomb when it goes off in Explosive Exchange. Minigames of all types and genres will be added regularly, with over one hundred planned!


Play casual minigames back-to-back in Arcade, be the last man standing in Royale, or join forces with your friends in Teams! Designed to be played with up to 16 players online, but can also be played in single-player with bots. Experience the game with friends or strangers in first- or third-person mode, and play with mouse and keyboard, controller, or both!


Earn coins by playing minigames, and get gems by winning them! Coins can be spent to randomly unbox awesome faces, stylish clothes and wonderful hats; while gems can be used to design the exact outfit you like! Finish the daily challenge to spin the Wheel of Madness, where you have the chance to win amazing prizes like epic capes, cute pets and more!


Features countless challenging achievements to unlock, awesome badges to earn and interesting statistics to showcase on your in-game customizable player profile. Compare your profile with those of your friends to figure out who's the very best, and check your ranking for each and every minigame on the global leaderboards daily!


Prior to each round, all players are given the opportunity to vote for one of three intelligently picked minigames. The options are selected based on worldwide popularity of the minigames and the preferences of players in the server. The minigame with the most votes will be played!


Official servers are hosted by us all around the world, but you can host a private server for you and your friends as well! Love a particular minigame? Create a Gameroom, disable all other minigames, and play it non-stop. Everything can be customized!


Minigame Madness is our forever-game, something we plan to continue expanding in content and features indefinitely. On top of that we have some crazy luxury ideas, including support for more than 16 players in-game, fully competitive single-player bots, exciting new modes like Ranked with skill-based matchmaking and even custom minigames with visual scripting!

The growing scope may change the price in the future, but once purchased you will always have access to the game. It’s great to have you along for the ride!



Who made this?

Chaotic Entertainment is a Dutch indie video game company founded by two best friends.

@EnricoUniverse works mostly on the gameplay and art of Minigame Madness. A long-time lover of videogames, who has a burning passion for being creative and making people laugh.

@PeterBlockhead works mostly on the user interface and back-end of Minigame Madness. A programmer and gamer at heart, who finally got the chance to work on a game he loves.

We also have a handful of lovely playtesters.

Why make this?

We make Minigame Madness because it's our dream game. We love games that are just fun and without the boring parts. More and more games these days have repetitive gameplay, boring grindy time-sinks, long loading screens, etc. With Minigame Madness, we want absolutely none of that.

Another reason we're making Minigame Madness is because we're terrible at developing one game at a time, so we decided to make a hundred mini-games instead!

When done?

We hope to release into Early Access on Steam before the end of 2023 but only time will tell. You can follow us on Twitter at @ChaoticDevs or join our Discord server if you want to be notified when that happens! The price is going to be around $15-$20, depending on the ever-increasing size of the game.

However, we will never be completely done; Minigame Madness is our forever-game, and we would love to be able to keep working on it for as long as possible, even after release.

Is a clone?

Minigame Madness has been in development on-and-off since August 2015 (check the date on this video), so it's not a clone of that other MMO-minigame-game-with-beanlike-characters because we were first!

However we do have a timemachine stored somewhere...


Ask us about stuff on Twitter @ChaoticDevs, send bad memes and get instant response in our Discord server, or contact us here if you wanna be all serious: [email protected]